About Us

The predecessor of Vigala Piimatööstus OÜ (Vigala Dairy) was Kivi-Vigala Piimaühing (Kivi-Vigala Dairy Association) established on February 2nd 1925. The accociation had 57 members. The dairy started production on October 17th 1925, the main product being high quality butter. At the most prosperous time 290 farmers brought the milk from their farms to the dairy, which made 9,000 kg per day. The Dairy Association had 5 creameries. Motor boats were used to collect milk from farms that were close to the river.

In the Soviet time the Dairy Association was nationalised and it became a production department of Tallinna Piimakombinaat. At the most successful time 120 tons of milk was processed in the above-mentioned department in Vigala. The department specialised in producing curd, most of which was exported to Moscow. At that time the equipment for making curd was unique in Estonia. Sour cream and cottage cheese were also produced.

In 1998 Italian investors bought the Soviet dairy. In the following years a new and modern production building was built and Mozzarella production line was installed. By the autumn of 2006 a new and more powerful production line was started, which enabled to increase the production volume abruptly.